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Leighton (Tre’llai) is a small village near Welshpool in Montgomeryshire. It is set around the Leighton Farm Estate which is the best example of a Victorian model farm in Wales.

Town Hall Clock – Adoxa moschatellina

This tiny wild perennial has lime green flowers less than 4″ high in April and early May and grows in semi-shade in the Churchyard. The flowers are in a cluster on a very slender stem, the top flower faces upwards to the sky, and the remaining four face sideways to north, south, east, and west – like the four faces on some clock towers.

Its other name is Moschatel from “musk” which its said to smell like. It’s also called Five-faced Bishop. The Botanist Rev. W Keble Martin said it is a symbol of Christian watchfulness.

You can see a large version of the picture here.

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