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Leighton (Tre’llai) is a small village near Welshpool in Montgomeryshire. It is set around the Leighton Farm Estate which is the best example of a Victorian model farm in Wales.

We love Leighton Community Primary school because…

‘Leighton Community Primary School has a new tree that needs your help to gather some leaves! In the hallway of the Village Hall, a huge bare tree has been painted onto the display area. The school would like members of the community to write a message on a green leaf and stick it on the tree.
So parents, villagers, users of the various sporting events at the Village Hall, teachers, coffee morning attendees, please add your message! There is a plastic file with green leaves, pen, glue and blutack for you to leave your note.  Lets see how many positive leaf messages we can get and find out why the Leighton community loves our local school!

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