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Leighton (Tre’llai) is a small village near Welshpool in Montgomeryshire. It is set around the Leighton Farm Estate which is the best example of a Victorian model farm in Wales.

The Tirdu charity

Tirdu spelt Tir-dee, Tyr-du or Tre-du, also called Lloyds charity

As far as can be ascertained, in 1780 Mr Lloyd, possibly of Marton, left a legacy to the parish and a small holding called Tirdu in the Pentre, Leighton was purchased with this.

This land and house was then to be leased and the rent received from the tenant to be used ‘for the general benefit of the poor (traditionally restricted to widows) of the parish of Woolstanmine‘. Woolstanmine is the old name for Trelystan and the parish then included Trelystan, Rhos Goch and Leighton.

In the old Churchwardens’ Book of Trelystan it is minuted on 21 April 1780 that the above has been done and the Churchwardens and overseers of Woolstanmine would administer the charity. When the village and church of Leighton was built in 1854 the administration of the charity was transferred to the Churchwardens and overseers of Leighton Church. In 1894 the Parish Council was formed and the administration transferred to them, later to be known as Trelystan Community Council and in 1987 Forden Community Council. It is the current Community Council who administer the charity.

In days gone by the Vicar would give away bread at the door of Trelystan Church but this was abandoned in 1870 owing to there being no qualifying recipients. Then it was traditionally restricted to widows. Afterwards, for some years the distribution was made in rice and tea. Today, it is given in the form of a cheque to qualifying widows and widowers. A number of Students have also received assistance.

The small holding consists of a house, outbuildings and garden, a total of 4.363 acres; at one time a Post Office was operated from there.

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  1. jane williams wrote on Monday 10 October 2011 at 20:15:

    Myself and my two daughters, Natalie and Lois lived at Tirdu for nine years until last december 2010, it is a very special place, we were very happy there.

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